Dweller in the Cellar
Paranormal Investigation

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You Have Questions, We Find Answers

Thank you for choosing Dweller in the Cellar, serving the Rockies and the plains.

If you're like the rest of us, you have many questions about the paranormal. Does it exist? Who or what is affecting me? What has affected my family?

Unexplained occurrences, whether it's noises in the night, things disappearing or moving, or being touched or oppressed; not only wear on the fabric of your family, but your very sanity and lives. There are many stories of people who have been drastically changed, or affected  by things we cannot explain or see.

Entities are relentless, and even though they may seem harmless, can be very disruptive. They cause fights, sleepless nights, sadness, lethargy, frustration and fear. There is no upside to having an entity in your home.

So what do you do? You find someone who will believe you. That's us.

We are discreet, professional, understanding and thorough. But what do we do?

Our mission is to provide research, surveillance and onsite investigation, for the purpose of documenting and detecting unexplained or paranormal phenomena, and to assist clients with making decisions, based on facts. We accomplish this by doing homework, studying historical records, conducting interviews and surveillance. After the homework is done, we spend some time within the area, in an attempt to collect data and hard evidence. This is in the form of audio and video. Once that data is collected, we do more homework while reviewing it. The final step is to reveal our findings and hopefully assist the Afflicted (You) with a solution.

Stop putting up with disruptive entities. Their activity will only escalate. Your family will only drift farther apart and your sleepless nights will only become more frequent. Your hands are full and we want to help.

Our services are provided at no cost to you, so give us a call, lets figure it out.

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