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When I was a kid we didn’t have much of a variety in cereal, it was Cheerios, Corn Flakes, and… Wheaties  for some reason. But every once in a while we got to choose our own, and if it wasn’t Captain Crunch, for me it was Lucky Charms.

Lucky Charms really didn’t taste any different from Cheerios, except for the marshmallows. But you couldn’t just eat the marshmallows, you needed the other part to make it happen. They were inseparable, and without one or the other, Lucky Charms, wasn’t Lucky Charms. Understanding death, is the same thing.

Where we come from(what is life), and what is death? These cannot be separated, and still understand death. Death would seem to be the single greatest mystery we face. This is true, only because we refuse to accept where we come from.

The purpose of this page, this website, and my book, THE PARANORMAL HAMMER, is to present the truth, based on the evidence we find in the paranormal. That evidence is “The Big 5”.

  1. The ability to affect humans

  2. The ability to make human sounds

  3. The ability to affect the physical environment

  4. The ability to manifest from an invisible state

  5. The ability to affect the electro-magnetic field

These 5 things exist and/or occur from an invisible state. These 5 things must have a creator: something that causes them. These 5 things occur in a manner that matches the unpredictability of living creatures. These 5 things cannot be caused by any of the 1.2+ million physical creatures we have documented, nor the millions we haven’t.

Useless theories of energy are impossible because of what we know about energy, and the inability of that to cause these 5 things. The world has never had an answer for the paranormal. So why do we keep asking the world to explain it? The world knows about “The Big 5”. It knows the only physical creature that makes and creates human sounds, is humans. It knows the only physical creature that looks like a human, is a human.

The world has no idea what death is, apart from the physical body, being absent of whatever it was that made it alive in the first place. So the world imagines the thing that made the physical body alive in the first place, must be responsible for the other 3 in “The Big 5”. Why are we accepting an explanation, from something that doesn’t know anything about, the explanation it is giving??? Why are you?

Don’t feel bad if you are stuck here; I was too. The world couldn’t explain “The Big 5”, where I came from, why I’m here, who I was, or what happens when I die. These answers came from the Bible. My job isn’t to make you believe in God, my job is to show you the truth, what you do with it is up to you.

The Bible has shown to be accurate in historical events and  prophecy, but that wasn’t why I believed it. I believed it because it told me, as the woman at the well said of Jesus, “everything I ever did.” And because it did the one thing the world couldn’t, and that was; change me.

If we are experiencing the paranormal, and have accepted the fact that the creator of “The Big 5” is something supernatural, we need answers for the supernatural. If I need answers for the supernatural, I want my source to be RELIABLE! The Bible tells of the creation of man, of angelic interaction, and of the afterlife, and what it says is supported by the evidence we see in life, in death, and in the paranormal.

Since the Bible tells us we were created, there must be a purpose for this. There is. Man was made to give God glory, but how was this to happen? Man was to have fellowship with God, and to love God for who God is. Man would be blessed in the presence, sight, and company, of the Sovereign Ruler of all.

God made man in His image, and is why He loves man above all His creation, angels included. Since we are made in His image, we are eternal beings; God cannot die. God formed man of the dust of the earth, and breathed life into him and man became a living soul. This was Adam.

This account tells us exactly what it is that leaves the physical body dead, once it’s gone. The fact that life is a gift of God; special and unique for every person, is confirmed in our DNA. Trial cases that have DNA evidence are extremely compelling, and if your DNA is found at a crime scene, you better have a REAL good explanation why it’s there. Why? Because it is unique to you beyond the population of the earth. There isn’t anyone else with it.

Did you know that the seeds you put in your garden are dead? Go ahead and analyze one, or 10. Look for signs of life in that seed. Ask why out of 2 identical seeds, one will grow and one won’t. The fact is, scientists cannot tell you which seed will germinate and which one won’t, and why this one did, and that one didn’t. This is still the biggest illustration that God gives life to dead things. This also proves that life is the gift of God.

Answer to question 1: We were created, and life is a gift.

God wanted Adam to have a companion, but of all the animals, none was right for him, so God caused a deep sleep to fall upon him, and God fashioned Eve from Adam’s rib. He then placed them in the garden to tend it. God gave them dominion over all the animals and every living creature, and God gave them EVERY tree of the garden, but one.

At this time they would walk and talk with God, but that would end. The Lord God told Adam that in the day they ate of the fruit of the tree in the midst of the garden they would die. Well, they ate. Can’t relate? What’s the first thing your kids do after you tell them not to do something? This is our sin nature.

The Bible tells us that Adam lived to be 930 years old, so if he died the day he ate the fruit, how can this be?

After the sin, and the fall of man; God put them out of the garden, and they had to live apart from Him. We are still there. This separation from God is spiritual death, that is the result of sin. It is in our nature, just like a grizzly bear’s bad temper; we can’t escape it.

The Bible tells us “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God” Rom 3:23. Then we find out the reason for death, “The wages of sin is death” Rom 6:23. This means our physical death is a judgement of our sin.

The Bible is very clear about what happens after, but we won’t have room to cover that here. It is fully explained in my book, THE PARANORMAL HAMMER; Clear Answers in the Murky Realm. The book explains everything we have discussed here, in much greater detail and illustration.

But is death the judgement the Bible says? Let me ask you, who has escaped it? You’re going to have one, what are your plans for it? Many people buy burial plots, but this is like spending all day preparing a meal, then throwing the food out and putting the dirty dish in the cupboard. The part that gave the dirty dish “life”, and was anticipated and longed for, is completely disregarded.

 Nobody wants death to be a judgement. God didn’t want to judge us. But because of who He is, and who we are, He was forced to.

Since this is a judgement, handed down by the living God, whom the Bible says created everything; which wee man won’t go? Nobody in history has stopped it, and the soul which is as much a part of the gift of God as the body, is going to face judgement, just like the body. Though we are not going to cover the after life here, the important thing is to understand; every death is a Divine judgement of sin, and neither the body or the soul can escape the Sovereign God.

Just as the fish belong in the water and the animals belong on the land, The Bible is clear, the soul of man has a place, when the body dies. We have answered our 2 questions:

Where do we come from:what is life?

What is death?

Now we can answer the question: What is haunting me?

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