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My biggest fear when I became a paranormal investigator, was, “What am I going to tell people if I find something?” The purpose of this page, is to help educate people on the investigation, what we are looking for and why. These were 2 questions I couldn’t answer when I started, because all I knew, was what I saw on TV, and read in books.

What should be the process? If you believe you are experiencing a haunting, your main question should be, “What do I want the investigator to do for me?” For instance, do you want them to get rid of the problem? Or do you just want some peace of mind? Maybe you want to prove you’re not crazy.

Once you’ve determined what you want from your investigator, qualify them. Some people base this on the number of times they have gone out looking for evidence. When I was in math class(many years ago!) the teacher didn’t tell me my answer was right, based on the number of times I figured it; but on the accuracy of my answer. This means, your investigator should be able to tell you up front, what they expect to find if it is a haunting, what the evidence means, WHY they say that, and what your options are.

For you: your options are not dependent on what an EVP says, or who they think is haunting you. Your options are: you are haunted, or you are not. If you are haunted, you now have a supernatural situation on your hands, requiring a supernatural solution. If you are not haunted…

There is a good chance that by the time you have contacted a paranormal group, you have had some professionals to your home. Such as plumbers, furnace technicians, exterminators, electricians and maybe a few others. If the paranormal group isn’t qualified to inspect some of these things, they should be willing to contact those who are or that you’ve already had in.

You should want your investigator to do a good interview. The investigator who explains away most of your problems over the phone, isn’t worth your time. You can help research the history of your house, as far as who lived there and what they were into.

Death in the home isn’t as big an issue as the person that died, and how they lived. This is because death isn’t the cause of your problem. If you are haunted, it is a demonic entity, and we need to discover why it’s there. You will be looking for occult activity in the home, or in the life of previous occupants; dead or alive. You will also be looking for suspect behavior in previous occupants. This would be in the form of child molesters, child abusers, alcoholics, murderers, addicts of different things, necrophilia and hoarders.

You will want to interview your family first. What are THEY into, what are THEY doing, what are THEY experiencing? Be honest with yourself about things you have experienced and when. The paranormal is deceptive.

If you invite investigators to come into your home, to conduct an onsite evidence gathering, request pictures and names of who will be coming and what they do. When they are finished, they should contact you in a reasonable amount of time, about their findings.

They should be able to show you video and let you listen to any recordings of sound. Request a copy of these.

At this point, you are going to get a ton of “we think”, and “what if”, and “it might be”. They might tell you it’s the ghost of ___, because___. Or they might tell you it’s a demon because it did___. Chances are they’ll want to bring in a medium or psychic to do a cleansing(check out Psychics and Mediums page). They may want to try an exorcism.

At this point you may be considering these things, but before you do, I ask you to consider this: your problem is demonic if it does these things:

  1. Affects you or your family, physically; with illness, attacks, or dark feelings…

  2. Has the ability to make human sounds; laughing, crying, footsteps, moaning, voices…

  3. Has the ability to affect the physical environment; move objects, knocking, banging, cold spots, lights, doors, electronics.

  4. Any kind of manifestation; orbs, shadows, shadow figures, people, monsters, aliens, solid or translucent.

  5. The ability to affect the electro-magnetic field; Rem-Pod, Mel-Meter.

I call these “The Big 5”. These are present in every haunting, and they are not created by dead people. I encourage you to get AND read, my book: THE PARANORMAL HAMMER; Clear Answers in the Murky Realm. It is currently available from Amazon or any bookstore with the SPARK symbol. In the book I can show you exactly what creates these phenomena, and why I say that.

If we don’t understand what we’re dealing with, there is no way, we can understand how to get rid of it. If you are in need of help, contact me. I’m here for you.

Bob Brown

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