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When I go fishing, I take a huge tackle box, filled with lures of every shape, color, type and size. These are imitators. They are designed to fool my prey and essentially; they are lies. Did you know, there is a master fisherman on the loose, and he has a HUGE, box of lies.

Sometimes I use live bait. Live bait is the truth. But in order to catch my prey, I have to hide the lure, or hook, in the bait. The master fisherman does this as well, hiding the lie, deep within the truth.

If I have a cough, fever, chills, aches and stuffy head; the evidence says I am sick. I may not know exactly what I have, but I cannot ignore the evidence. The same applies to the truth: the evidence will stand up to the testing of the explanation. The explanation, will not violate ANY of the evidence.

This leaves us with the question: what is haunting me?

This page will not be able to give you all the information that is contained in my book, THE PARANORMAL HAMMER, but it will give you some serious evidence to test your explanation with.

First, what do we know about demons? Virtually nothing.

Second, what do we know about where we come from? Virtually nothing.

Third, what do we know about death? Virtually nothing.

I hope this has been helpful…

If you didn’t throw your computer, good work! Let me ask: Where are we looking for answers? If I want to re-wire my breaker box, would I look in Betty Crocker’s cookbook? Of course not. So why do we look for answers to the supernatural, from natural entities? Let’s examine some evidence, so we can confirm this is not natural.

In any haunting you will find what I call, “The Big 5”. These can and do occur from an invisible state.

  1. The ability to affect humans

  2. The ability to make human sounds

  3. The ability to affect the physical environment

  4. The ability to be present or manifest from an invisible state

  5. The ability to affect the electro-magnetic field

If you check out the “What is a Ghost?” link, which is located on the homepage, you will see a description of the creature feature. This is a characteristic found in every haunting, which makes paranormal phenomena unrepeatable. While we can “capture” video and audio, we cannot get it to appear or occur on demand; as you could in an experiment of the boiling point of water.

This means the creator of “The Big 5” must be a creature. Here are some numbers to crunch:

We have found 228,450 different species in the ocean; scientists’ conservative estimation is that there is 91% UNDISCOVERED.

We have found 1.2 million species on land; scientists’ conservative estimation is 86% UNDISCOVERED.

900,000 Different species of insects; scientists’ conservative estimation between 2-30 MILLION.

300,000 Different flowers

Galaxies we cannot see.

Stars we cannot count.

The truth must account for all the evidence.

No creature we know of has the ability to do one or any of “The Big 5”. Yet, there it is. If no creature in the physical world can account for “The Big 5”, what do we know about the supernatural to say; that’s what it is? Nothing…. as long as we’re still in the cookbook….

To answer the question of  Ghost or Demon, we cannot say it’s supernatural, anymore than we can say it is natural, UNLESS we have some evidence of what the supernatural is. What scientific evidence is there that people are supernatural? What scientific testimony is there that demons are real?

There is only one source that answers the 3 questions we asked: What is a demon? Where do we come from? What is death? There is only one source that describes the supernatural entity, that PERFECTLY EXPLAINS “THE BIG 5”. That source is the Bible.

The numbers we looked at a minute ago revealed one glaring fact: what we know compared to what we don’t, is like pulling a shot glass full of water out of the ocean. Somewhere in that ocean is the truth, and we can either walk home with our shot glass, and tell everyone it’s almost empty; or set sail. But know this, the master fisherman has his baits in the water, and he’s not throwing any back.

I am fully prepared to show you that the testimony of the Bible, can be tested against the evidence in “The Big 5”, and with the testimony and evidence, we can answer the question; Ghost or Demon?

If you are ready to know the answer, you can order THE PARANORMAL HAMMER from Amazon and other fine book stores.

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