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The shack the company rented for the supervisors was fairly comfortable, and had all the amenities of home, complete with TV, kitchen and fridge, shower and toilet, a bedroom, and of course, an office. It also came with one thing I’m thankful my house doesn’t have: mice.
I would be watching TV, and catch movement out of the corner of my eye, however, it would be gone before I actually saw it, so I was left wondering if I actually saw what I saw. Rest assured these weren’t ghost mice…yet. In the middle of the night I sometimes heard the satisfying snap of a trap… sometimes it was the pitter-patter of little feet in the vents. Many mornings the traps would be full of evidence.
The point of this is; how much can we take? How long before we become desperate for this to be gone, and what are we willing to do to get rid of the problem? Are “ghosts” just a bigger mouse, requiring a special exterminator?
Enter the psychic and the medium: ghost exterminators.  …Or are they?
The truth requires evidence. In the paranormal, that evidence is “The Big 5,” which is all that we can prove, and also happens to be present in every haunting; but what evidence do we have on psychics and mediums?
One is their track record. We are going to look at that in a minute, but then we have their own testimony. So what makes them an expert in spiritual matters? What is the source of their ability? Where is their diploma from, and exactly where do they get their information? Do they have any evidence to back up their beliefs and what they say?
The first thing psychics will say is that there are many different types.
Clairvoyant (seeing) They “see” flashes or visions of things.
Clairaudience (hearing) Messages are transmitted directly into their mind.
Clairempathy (emotion) Sensing emotions from individuals or “spirits.”
Clairsentience (intuition) Sensing feelings transmitted by “guides.”
Clairalience (smell) The ability to smell a fragrance transmitted by a “spirit.”
Clairgustance (taste) Transmitting a flavor the “spirit” liked.
Clairtangency (touch) Receiving a message by touching or holding an object.
These along with Extra Sensory Perception- ESP, the ability to be “prophetic,” and the sixth sense.
Psychic activities include: “healings,” “cleansings,” “channeling,” “divination,” “reading,” and more. Consider these: Akashic records(another dimension where every thought and act you ever had is stored), angel reading(requires angel cards), animal reading, automatic writing, chakra cleansing(energy blockage), cartomancy(fortune telling using a deck of cards), numerology(combining numbers and events), tarot reading(fortune telling), photo reading(look at a picture and get information).
But where do these abilities come from? Even the best psychics would find it difficult to tell you that, just that the ability is there, and they are conscious of it. Nevertheless, is this ALL Hocus-pocus, or is there some validity to their claims?
Psychics will widely agree that the ability they have cannot be turned on and off like a switch. They often receive “FLASHES” or “FRAGMENTS;” this is a crucial piece of evidence. Also, for many of their readings they must go into a trance like state, emptying their mind and opening themselves up to whatever spirit guide or spirit they are trying to communicate with.
I must admit, I did not grow up chanting around a fire, or drawing pictures in chicken blood on a full moon. I went to public school, and have been a Marine, a pilot, and a rig supervisor. I have also been an outdoorsman, all my life. Nonetheless, here I am, a paranormal investigator. Believe it or not, I didn’t just jump ship and drown in the idiot water, I came to do this because of the evidence. The evidence tells us that the psychic and medium abilities are devastatingly real. It’s the source that’s the problem.
Let’s imagine your psychic told you, your favorite football team was going to win the Superbowl over the Packers, after defeating the Cheifs, Patriots and Steelers in the playoffs. Instead, however, they beat the Chargers, Bengals and Dolphins, before beating the Rams in the Superbowl. The question stands, how prophetic was it? Would you care? Would you be back the morning after the Superbowl in search of lottery numbers?
If you are willing to put that kind of hope in someone who’s “prophecy” is that flawed…. what would you do if they got it all correct- down to the scores? You know as well as I do, that by the time they beat the Steelers by the score your psychic told you, you would have another house mortgage, empty wallet, and shattered piggy banks, in order to lay the money on your psychic’s advice….
We know that no psychic has been that accurate, in fact, there is one thing on the planet that has been that accurate in it’s prophecy. It has hundreds of prophecies, with an accuracy of 100 percent- no mistakes. It fully explains the psychic ability, the power behind it, and the evidence in “The Big 5.” That thing is the Bible.
The Bible’s testimony is easily corroborated by the testimony of the mediums themselves, and the evidence we find in the character of the paranormal entity.
The Bible talks about people who: use divination, are an enchanter, witch, charmer, necromancer, consulter with familiar spirits. This is in the Old Testament, and referred to people that the nation of Israel was to put out of the land. It was talking about the occult, and people with FAMILIAR SPIRITS, which were demons. It was not referring to people who suffered demonic affliction, but people who sought knowledge from demonic entities. Psychics might say they are not occult, but what is occultism? Seeking hidden and forbidden knowledge, in things people shouldn’t know, and shouldn’t pursue.
Okay, so it’s not demonic. Since the Bible has been 100 percent reliable in it’s prophecy, why not see what it has to say? Let’s go to the New Testament, and witness something else.
Acts 16:16-19 Luke says when he and Paul were in Macedonia, there was a damsel who would follow them on their way to prayer. She had a spirit of divination and brought her masters much money by fortune telling. For many days she went after them saying, “These men are the servants of the most high God, which show unto us the way of salvation.”
How did she know that? She didn’t know them. She’d never heard them speak, yet she had this information. Psychics may possess information they couldn’t possibly know, and the purpose of this illustration is to show the link between her profession, her ability, and the demonic source.
The same happened with Jesus in a synagogue as He was teaching: a man suddenly cried out, “Let us alone, what have we to do with you, Jesus of Nazareth? Are you come to destroy us? I know who you are, the Holy One of God.”
Jesus was teaching the scriptures, He wasn’t proclaiming His Deity, and this man wasn’t one of his disciples. How did this man know, something he couldn’t possibly have known? This man wasn’t a fortune teller, and the purpose of this illustration is to show the link between hidden or impossible knowledge, and the demonic source, whether you are a professional(do it for money) psychic or not.
In both cases, the demon was cast out- with a word- not a ceremony. Paul commanded the demon to come out of her in the name of Jesus Christ, and it did. Not days later, but immediately. Paul was then brought before the magistrate by the damsel’s masters because they lost a pile of money when the girl lost her demon fueled ability to tell fortunes.
The people who witnessed Jesus cast the demon out, “Marveled” or wondered greatly, because He didn’t have to burn sage, pour salt, chant, sprinkle holy water, or conduct an exorcism as the Jewish priests would.
Acts 19 tells about an incident when some Jewish exorcists, who did not believe in Jesus, but heard of the success of Paul in casting out demons, decided to try it out. They said, “We command you, by Jesus, who Paul preaches.” Then the evil spirit said, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?” By the time that demon possessed man was finished, the 7 exorcists fled the house naked and wounded.
This man wouldn’t have “known” Jesus, as this happened in a foreign land, years after the ascension of Jesus. This illustrates hidden or impossible knowledge, and again, the link is demonic.
Let’s compare the psychic’s testimony, and the paranormal evidence. First the flashes and fragments.
Our Electronic Voice Phenomena EVP’s, are  very fragmented, voice communication from an unseen entity. These can be intelligent responses to questions or promptings. Apparitions appear suddenly and without warning, they also leave  suddenly and without warning. The moving of objects often occurs outside of our field of vision. This is much like the mice: “Did I just see that?” Hauntings often involve smells, such as: smoke, perfume, feces, flowers, rotten meat, urine, and so on. These events are random and sudden.
The psychic must be trained to accept these promptings, flashes, and fragments. This is much like the person involved in a haunting must learn to accept, that they did just see, what they thought they saw. If a psychic were honest, they probably thought they were on the verge of crazy, before accepting that what they were experiencing, is, what they were experiencing.
In fact, the road of accepting these “psychic” phenomena, runs so parallel to the road of accepting a haunting, as to be indistinguishable. Instead of being seen as a serious problem, today’s culture, and many cultures of the past, declared these as “gifts.”
Many psychics go into a trance, making themselves available, to a spirit. Demons are notorious squatters, and fully empowered to enter someone who does this. However, the information they give the “host” will be just as scattered and fragmented as our EVP’s and other phenomena. Again, if a psychic is honest, they would agree.
Do psychics and mediums actually communicate with the dead? Let me ask you some questions about death? When will yours be? How will it happen? How do you stop it? What is death?
This is where the paranormal gets EXTREMEMLY deceiving. The theories about ghosts and hauntings, even the beliefs of mediums and psychics, suffers from the failure to answer that last question: what is death?
The Bible says “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”(Rom 3:23); it then says “For the wages of sin is death”(Rom 6:23). In my book, THE PARANORMAL HAMMER; Clear Answers in the Murky Realm, I explain all this. But since you nor I, nor any witch doctor, can send death down the road, what makes us think we can stick around and haunt afterward? You, me, and the Pope, are all going to suffer death, might want to find out what it’s all about, before it happens.
Now let’s look at the track record.
Almost all paranormal groups call on the aid of a psychic or medium, to help solve a haunting. In all the research I have done, however, I have found that more often than not the result is the same as the movie: POLTERGEIST. The psychic declares the house is clean, and five minutes later the family moves out because it obviously isn’t. And why? The Bible tells us this as well, in Mark chapter 3.
The religious leaders told Jesus He cast out devils, by the prince of devils. Jesus says, “How can Satan cast out Satan? If a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand…and if Satan rise up against himself, he is divided, and cannot stand.”
The psychic may say we are dealing with human spirits, not Satan or demons. Oh? Is this based on the testimony of their demonic power, or on the hard evidence gathered through investigation? I encourage you to get a copy of my book THE PARANORMAL HAMMER. We have discussed a lot here, and the fact is, there is just too much information to explain everything on this page. The book puts the evidence on the table, however, and makes sense of it and everything else we see in the paranormal. Not only that, but it will give you information you can actually research and test in a paranormal investigation.
The book will let you safely discover exactly what a demon is, what it can do, and why it does it. The truth will stand up to the test of the evidence, without violating it. The book also answers all the questions about death, so we don’t have to be deceived.
In the end, I do not doubt that psychics and mediums experience what they experience. I do not believe they are any more dishonest than the majority of paranormal investigators. Not that they take your money, although some do, but in the fact that they truly are deceived. The average psychic or medium probably has no idea what they are dealing with. The average paranormal investigator certainly doesn’t.
Feel free to contact me, Bob Brown, with questions. I’m here for you and look forward to visiting with you. (Go to the contact on the home page and send me an email!)

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