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Quite possibly, the only subject with more maybes and what ifs than the origin of the universe, is the paranormal. This page is written to help you decide if you have a problem, or need to look elsewhere. You will have questions, so feel free to contact me, with your concerns, I’m here for you.

If we want answers, we must look at the evidence. Please note that the information given here is a fraction of what is given in my book, THE PARANORMAL HAMMER. The book answers so many of our questions by showing exactly where the evidence leads us. Maybe your evidence consists of voices, or sounds, but what does it mean?

So what does the evidence say? Let me ask you, what are you experiencing? What we find in every haunting can fall into these 5 categories, which I have named “The Big 5”. These can all occur from an invisible state, and are certainly out of the normal, for anybody.

  1. The ability to affect or interact with humans

  2. The ability to make human sounds

  3. The ability affect the physical environment

  4. The ability to manifest from an invisible state

  5. The ability to affect the electro-magnetic field

The ability to affect or interact with humans is displayed in violence: such as scratches, bites, punctures, pushing, or sexual assault. There is also nausea, emotional instability(fear, hatred, anger, despair, sorrow) for no reason. Emotional coldness toward God- Jesus in particular, things of God(compassion, charity, love, justice, righteousness). An unexplainable attraction to the grotesque, sexual perversion and extreme mood swings, are also indicators.

The ability to make human sounds is identified in footsteps, children laughing, Electronic Voice Phenomena(EVP), and other audible voices. Also in the ability to understand human sounds, as in, intelligent responses to questions or promptings.

The ability to affect the physical environment occurs in the instances of objects being moved, thrown, or destroyed. Also in knocking, banging, temperature fluctuation, inappropriate smells(Meaning the physical object that would create the smell isn’t physically present.). There could be lights not working properly, doors not working properly(opening or closing on their own), malfunction of electronics such as radios and TVs doing strange things. Blood appearing in random areas or other bodily fluids and things.

The ability to manifest from an invisible state can be in any number of appearances. Orbs are common, but you may see animals, people, shadow people or shadows, children and monsters. These could be anything from a translucent mist, to an appearance as solid as you. These will appear suddenly and unexpectedly, and will disappear just as quickly. They may be visible to the naked eye, or appear only on camera, or only to certain people or animals. Animals may become agitated or frightened for no apparent reason, and children may have adopted an “imaginary” friend.

The manipulation or interruption of the electro-magnetic field is not something you will experience without the aid of certain measuring devices. There are indicating devices with lights and alarms, such as, the REM POD. It is affected by electricity but I have found that it doesn’t go off without a reason. The other tool investigators use is the MEL-Meter. This measures in milli-gas, and is used by investigators to observe invisible disturbances in the electrical and radiation noise of the environment. The Mel-meter doesn’t seem to be affected by people or animals-- this is important.

Dowsing rods are also used, which are copper rods bent at 90 degrees, for the purpose of allowing them to swing. These are still used to detect buried lines and water.

If you are trying to decide if you are experiencing a haunting, or whether someone you know may be, there is a more than good chance you will experience all 5 categories of “The Big 5”, in some form or fashion. My book THE PARANORMAL HAMMER, has much more detail, and can be ordered from this website, and is also available at amazon. It can be ordered from any fine book store, or where STARtm is available.

Hopefully this has helped you. Contacting Dweller doesn’t put you on the crazy list, and everything is confidential. I do encourage people to read the book, as it deals with so many aspects of the paranormal, but if you need help: DON’T WAIT!!!

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