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The answer to this question must not violate the evidence we see in”The Big5”. I’ll list them here but for a more in depth description, please click the  “how do you know you are haunted” link on the homepage. “The Big 5” is the evidence we find in every haunting:

  1. The ability to affect humans

  2. The ability make human sounds

  3. The ability to affect the physical environment

  4. The ability to manifest from an invisible state

  5. The ability to affect/manipulate the electro-magnetic field

 So often there are explanations given for paranormal activity, without any regard to what we know about the explanation. For example: a ghost is a marshmallow.

You know that’s ridiculous, because of what we know about marshmallows and the evidence we see in “The Big 5”. However, when someone says the paranormal activity is energy, people tend to accept it. Did you know that we know as much about energy, as we do about marshmallows? Energy is highly predictable, because it has repeatable characteristics, so we know where it will be, and where it will go, and why. If we look at the 3 basic forms of energy: heat/combustion, kinetic, and electric; then look at our list…. It isn’t much different than the marshmallow.

Have you ever encountered a wild animal in the forest? Why don’t we use a deer, they seem rather harmless. As you you walk through the forest, a deer appears in front of you. You want to prove to your friends that you saw it, but it runs away before you get a picture. They won’t believe you unless you get a good picture, so you try to make the deer, re-appear.

In order to make that happen, you retrace your steps. Then you move forward at the same speed, whistle the same tune, move your hands the same way, and even repeat the same thoughts, but the deer won’t appear. You may see another deer, in another part of the forest, or even the same deer, later or in a different area. However, there is nothing you can do to make the same deer appear, in the same place. This unpredictability is called the creature feature, and it is also found in every haunting.

Then experts invoke the demon. Why? Often because of certain phenomena that occur. This is always dependent on what the entity does and how the place feels, or what is caught on audio. Is there any real evidence that our experts are supplying other than this? It might help if our experts could even tell us what a demon is, and why they believe that’s what it is. You have come here for answers; and there are answers.

Finally, the experts tell us it is the spiritual energy or spirit of Uncle Billy, or little lost Laura. We got here because the marshmallow cannot possibly create the phenomena we see in the paranormal. There has to be a creator of the phenomena, and so far as we can see, only people can make human sounds.

What is life? Is it random chance? What is death? Nobody can agree on that. If we can’t answer those 2 questions, how in the world can we answer anything about the human soul. Could it be, that if we knew the truth about these 2 things; the theory of dead people haunting would be another marshmallow?

Do the dead haunt? No. Can I prove this beyond a reasonable doubt? What are you saying… you want to be on the jury?

What we need, is something to show us a creature that fulfills all the evidence of “The Big 5”, without violating it. You should require this of your paranormal expert!!!

If you were a juror, and the prosecutor walked in and said, “The defendant is guilty, we’re going to hang him.” Then rested his case, would you send someone to their execution based on that?

Wouldn’t you want to see some evidence? Wouldn’t you want the prosecutor to make an airtight case, by showing that the forensic evidence makes sense? Wouldn’t you want the prosecutor to show that the circumstantial evidence corroborates the forensic? That means the creator of “The Big 5” must have: the MOTIVE, must have been AVAILABLE, and had the physical ABILITY, to commit the phenomena.

I want you to have answers, but I want to show you what the evidence says, that way you’re not just taking my word for it. This case is presented in my book THE PARANORMAL HAMMER, available from this website, Amazon, and other fine book stores. The book gives you a tremendous amount of information, in an easy read.

Do I know what a ghost is? Yes. However, me telling you a ghost is _____. Is no different than our prosecutor telling you the man is guilty. If you read the book, you will have no doubt what a ghost is.

I’m not just here to sell books. “The Big 5” gives me the ability to do what I have described here, but like I said, there is just too much information to cover in a page. When you order a book from the website, I will put my card in it for a bookmark and contact info. Do not be afraid to contact me with questions!!!!

 But before you go, I want to encourage you to read “How do I know if I am haunted?”, located on the website homepage, next to this link button.

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