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Watch for Snakes!

Although I didn't listen to a lot of things my parents said, during my childhood, these were three words I never failed to remember. If they were capable of giving such sound advice, why didn't I listen to the rest of it?

What was so bad about getting bit? What is it about snakes in general that give us the willies? Why is it that there are good snakes and bad snakes in the pet store, but only bad snakes in tall grass?

Is the paranormal a pet store; or is it tall grass? Are we able to casually shop for good entities, from behind the safety of glass walls? Do we get to evaluate our entity before we take it home, to make sure it isn't poisonous?

Where I grew up we had two main types of snakes to be concerned with: bull snakes, and rattlesnakes. The bull snake was usually between four and six feet long, with a small round head. It is a constrictor, with similar colorings to a rattlesnake. It also uses air to make a sound similar to the rattlesnake. Its entire defense is based on the rattlesnake. Talk about a coincidence! (hmmm emoji)

In tall grass, it doesn't matter which one you meet, heart pounding excitement awaits! Nonetheless, the bull snake's defense is a fraud. The rattlesnake's bite, isn't. The bull snake's defense is based on deception, trying to make the creature which has offended its space, think it's something it's not. Such is the case in a haunting, which is no pet store.

In a haunting, however, we cannot be fooled into thinking we have a good snake, or a bad snake; the fact is, we have a snake. These snakes don't use deception to make us think they're dangerous, but use deception to make us think they're harmless.

Images and sounds of little children are harmless enough, right? Imaginary friends may take our child to dangerous places, or teach them to keep secrets from us, they can even make them become very disobedient. What about pleasing smells like lavender, roses, and perfume? Then there is the dear departed loved one, who either can't let go, or is trapped here. Snake.

Many people believe the best way to avoid snakes, is to stay out of the tall grass: stay out of the paranormal. That doesn't mean the paranormal isn't coming to you. Can you guess the people who don't worry about snakes? The people who have on their armor, such as, snake proof pants and boots, which the snake cannot bite through.

If you had this gear, it wouldn't matter what snake was in your home, it would be powerless to hurt you. In a minute, I'll tell you where you can get this gear for free. First, how do we know that anything I'm saying is true? Who cares! As long as it sounds good.

If you're a person with a paranormal problem, you should be upset with that thought. If you're in the paranormal business, you should be concerned with that thought. What explanations are we accepting? What evidence and testimony give any validity to what we say? How dare we say something that we can't back up with investigative evidence!

This is why "the big 5" is so important. Apart from it our evidence is just a collection of inconsistent nonsense. The images and voice recordings presented in a haunting, are deceiving. I'm not saying they're fake or imaginary, I'm saying they're a bull snake, trying to make you believe the creator of the sound or image, is something it isn't.

Also, trying to mingle natural explanations with supernatural evidence, is like sucking the helium out of a balloon; at first it sounds good, but after a while it's rather annoying, and a shriveled and empty balloon is the only truth you hold in your hand. How do we explain supernatural evidence? We quit looking at natural explanations. How do we do that and where do we look?

The same place that gives us the free "snake" gear: the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the helmet of salvation, the shield of faith, the sword of truth, the sandals of the Gospel: the armor of God... the Bible.

There are REAL answers, and while the Bible is a big book, mine is not. The Paranormal Hammer; clear answers in the murky realm, will break down the paranormal like nothing you have ever read. You will know who, what, and why about the supernatural, based on the evidence, not my theory. I'm very hopeful that it will finally be available in June, 2022.

I'm always available for questions, and feel free to read some of the homepage articles. These will explain a little more about the supernatural, and what we see in the paranormal. No matter what, please watch for snakes!

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