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How much does the truth weigh?

Have you ever sat on a jury? These are the forgotten souls in every criminal case. They are pulled from their families, lives, and work, and thrust into the middle of somebody else's business. This is how the weight begins.

No matter the outcome of the trial, the weight of the truth leaves it's mark on these people. If it's a murder trial, your sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, will be subjected to sights and testimony that they will never forget. When that is finished, they will have to decide if the defendant is guilty or innocent.

If they find the defendant innocent, they will have to look the victim's family and friends in the eye; and that will never go away. If they find the defendant guilty, they have just condemned a person's life; and that will never go away. Based on these consequences, how can we ever live with our decision? The evidence.

The evidence is the only thing that has no agenda, spin, bias, or politics. It is there to testify that the truth exists, because it exists. The evidence is the facts, while the truth contains them all. Nothing is true which ignores the facts.

The juror must watch as prosecution and defense square off, each arguing that the facts say "this," depending on the point of view. They either have to disprove the fact(evidence), or explain it. The explanation of one fact cannot violate another. The explanation that allows all the facts to sit comfortably inside, is the truth.

As a juror, perhaps you have noticed that the prosecution's explanation doesn't allow this. What happens when the other jurors don't notice this? Have you made a mistake? As the deliberations wear on, the weight grows...

Evidence and truth cannot be separated in a criminal trial, a science experiment, or the paranormal, so why do we insist on it? What makes the paranormal truth and evidence exempt? How so, you ask?

The paranormal is investigated by faith. We believe that whatever is causing the evidence is true and upright, and we can trust that the words we hear, the smells we receive, the apparition's appearances, are all true. Apparently we haven't learned anything from the internet.

Nobody has ever been deceived, scammed, misled, robbed, beaten, raped, or murdered, because of the internet. The dangers of not knowing who we're talking to in chat rooms and innumerable sites, should raise the hackles of everyone. How can I prove you are who you say you are? In the paranormal we don't get references, or driver's licenses, or school records.

"Well the building investigation revealed a name that we got on an EVP."

Did you know that sex traffickers know the names of the victim's family and friends? Did you know that they rarely drive up in a '70's style van and take the victim by force? Did you know that these predators infiltrate the victim's life, and appear as a friend? Did you know that the victim is so deceived by the liar that they ignore the evidence to go with them? Although each case has it's own circumstances, the process is virtually identical.

Although every haunting has it's own circumstances, the process and evidence is virtually identical. This is why "The Big 5" is so important. It gives us the ability to look past the individual circumstances of a haunting, and look at the process.

"The Big 5" are the facts we can prove. I say again, prove. While we get scratches, illness, emotional distress, or worse; we can only prove these occurred. The same goes for voices, EVP, intelligent responses in various forms; we have no idea who or what caused them, but only that they occurred. It doesn't matter what object moved, or what it smelled like; it occurred.

As you sit on that jury, with the fate of a person resting upon your conviction(guilty or not), the thoughts, theories, and opinions of the defense and the prosecution are going to mean very little; what can they prove? Did one of them provide a witness, who's testimony didn't violate the evidence, but supported it? Did the one who accounted for the evidence, who's witness testimony didn't violate it, also show availability, ability, and motive?

You may think this is pointless, because the paranormal has none of these things. Or does it?

"The Big 5" leads us to a witness who's testimony supports all of the evidence we see in the paranormal. The testimony also answers the circumstantial evidence of: availability, ability, and motive. It is possible to have an understanding of the paranormal, such as we never imagined. This testimony is recorded in the Bible. Here is just one example of many, but while the story is amazing, look specifically for our forensic, paranormal evidence, "The Big 5":

  1. The ability to affect people, mentally or physically

  2. The ability to make human sounds, or understand them

  3. The ability to affect the physical environment

  4. The ability to manifest from an invisible state and become solid

  5. The ability to affect the electromagnetic field

Acts 12:6-10 describes the imprisonment of Peter by Herod. Peter was to be executed the next morning, but that night he was sound asleep between two guards, one chained to each hand. There were also multiple guards at the door. "And, behold, the angel of the Lord came upon him, and a light shone in the prison: and he smote Peter on the side, and raised him up, saying arise up quickly. And his chains fell off from his hands."

Forensic evidence: #1, he smote Peter on the side, also, the guards did not interfere. #2, he spoke to Peter. #3, the chains fell off Peter's hands, and a light shone in the prison. #4, the angel appeared inside the cell.

As for #5, we cannot confirm this from this account. Nonetheless, our electromagnetic equipment reacts to high power sources, not us. Yes the Rem-pod will if we're close enough, but our Mel-meters and K-2's will not.

This is just the beginning of our understanding.

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