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Updated: Mar 26, 2022

The Land of Confusion

This business demands research, which gives me the opportunity to read some really interesting stories and articles. It also means one must be able to discern fact and fiction. However do we do that?

This picture was downloaded off the internet while looking for pictures of demons. I was wanting some of the old paintings, that depicted the demon from the religious past. But, I could not post any of them, because none of them had any truth. While my heart wants to tear these things apart and scrutinize every detail, I know that won't help you at all.

So today we'll talk about the book, A TRUE HAUNTING, By Ed Becker. It takes place in the early 70's in Chicago. Ed and his wife Marsha, along with there newborn baby buy an apartment building in an estate sale. They are well aware that the owner died in the building, but Ed doesn't believe in ghosts. The building has 2 apartments, and they move into the upstairs apartment.

Before we discuss what happens, I would like to remind you of "The Big 5"; which is the evidence found in every haunting. These can and do occur from an invisible state.

  1. The ability to affect human beings

  2. The ability to make human sounds

  3. The ability to affect the physical environment

  4. The ability to be present or manifest from an invisible state

  5. The ability to manipulate the electro-magnetic field

From the first day Ed saw the place, he could smell wood burning in the basement. Shortly after moving in, the phone would be taken off the hook; and this was a constant battle for them. Marsha's mixer would be picked up off the hook and float down to the floor. The kitchen door had to be tied shut. The dog was constantly growling at something unseen, and the cat would hiss at what Ed and Marsha couldn't see. There was the sound of heavy boot steps on the back stairs every night. The downstairs neighbors complained of furniture being thrown and terrible arguments coming from the Becker's apartment; often when they were not home. Ed returned home for lunch many times and passed an old woman sitting on the front steps; only to discover later that it wasn't a real woman.

These are a fraction of the occurrences Ed claimed in his book. But Ed claimed something else: that these were ghosts, and ghosts cannot be made to leave, unlike demons.

Ed came to these conclusions based on the history of the building, and the activity they observed; not the truth. What do we REALLY know about dead people, and what do we REALLY know about demons? Ed thought all he had to go off, were books in the library and stories of others. Now here we sit, going off the internet, and stories of others. It's been 50 years!!!

Let's investigate. Ed discovers a lot of things while he lived there, but he focused on the death of the individuals, not their life. His analysis forgets the 2 most important questions we must answer, before we can say "The dead haunt."

  1. Where do we come from?

  2. What is death?

If Ed would have looked for the answer to those 2 questions, he would have been able to answer the question: What is haunting me?

But Ed gives us clues. He describes the family that lived in the building, and that owned the building. Inside the building he found evidence of the occult in a Ouija board. He found a huge pornography stash in the basement. He found a family consumed in selfishness and greed. They lived with hatred toward one another their entire lives. So what he found was fertile ground for demonic activity.

How do I know? Where is this information? Is a demon responsible for "The Big 5"? This blog asked a lot of questions, far more than could be answered here. But they are answered in my book, THE PARANORMAL HAMMER; Clear Answers in the Murky Realm. It is being edited now and will be published by River Birch Press. You can preorder from this website and I'll send you a copy with my card in it for a convenient bookmark, and contact info. I'm hoping that it will be available in early March 2022.

As far as Ed Becker's book, it is a good read. I don't fault Ed for not knowing what it is that haunts, I spent a lot of time in the land of confusion myself.

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