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Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Welcome to The Anvil!!!

It is a pleasure to be writing about something that transcends culture and age. Nothing grips the imagination of people like the undead. Wait... what?

Where did that come from? Why are they undead? How does that Happen?

What is the paranormal anyway? This is the reason for Acid, to test superstition and nonsense, and to give those who want to know, some real answers.

Who have we been getting our answers from? How are they qualified? Have they been through the veil of death? Do they even know what death is? If they cannot even explain what life is, how in the world can they explain death? Have our experts graduated from ghoul school, with a degree in haunting? Do they know anything about the natural phenomena they claim the spirits to be? What is the other side? What makes my answers different from anyone else's?

That seems like a lot of questions, but if we are going to believe something; wouldn't it make sense to validate it? How can we own our beliefs, if we never test them? What kind of science is behind the nonsense? What do you believe, and why do you believe it?

This post is going to be short, because these questions need to sink in. But I'm going to leave you with this... Is the paranormal supernatural, or natural? It cannot be both.

If you like and follow, you will get these answers.

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