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Updated: Mar 26, 2022

This video is from 7 or 8 years ago, during an investigation of an abandoned farm house, which was known to be active. A family was destroyed when the mother fed her children spoiled corn and three of the four died of food poisoning along with the mother.

This video is typical to a million other paranormal investigation videos. It is filled with deception, and misconception. Shortly after this I decided to find out if what I loved doing, chasing ghosts, was in line with what I knew was true, and that is the Bible. It was not.

This led me into years of study: in scripture, in science, in Christian counseling and deliverance, and the paranormal. While it has kept me out of abandoned houses, it has not kept me out of contact with the paranormal. But the things I learned in study have not only solidified my understanding of the paranormal, to the extent that I know what it is and what it's about, it has completely changed my purpose for being involved in the paranormal.

The previous post asked a lot of questions about a lot of things; one being the qualifications of an expert. To answer who an expert can be, we have to answer the question: is the paranormal natural or supernatural?

If it is natural, who is an expert: a biologist? a geologist? an electrical engineer? Is this natural phenomena electrical, chemical, or biological? While this seems like a hopeless argument, it isn't.

We have a very good understanding of what these natural phenomena do. We also have a very good understanding of what they won't do. The key to understanding the paranormal isn't what we know about the paranormal, but what we know about these natural occurrences. In light of these natural characteristics, they offer not one single reasonable explanation, when exposed to the characteristics of the paranormal. These characteristics involve things like; sudden and unprovoked appearances, voices, touching, hurting, noises that have no explanation, magnetic disturbances related to mass, and often a heightened sense of evil.

Ok... but then the argument is used of the human spirit haunting a place, in order to explain intelligent qualities. How, where and from what did the human spirit evolve from? Again, here we are trying to put a supernatural entity, in a natural setting. If the theory of evolution is true, there can be no spirit, nor can there be a soul. If someone wants to claim that a human spirit is different from other spirits, ok, but why are you saying that and what truth is it based on? Is this person an expert in anything, or are they trying to validate a preconceived belief, that has never been investigated? Or are they making the paranormal sundae: half supernatural/half evolution, sprinkled with doubt?

While the paranormal certainly is alive, what is it? If I say it is a demon, you should use my own tricks on me, and ask why do I say that and where did I get my information? Good work, and I'm glad you asked... thought you might! I say that for many reasons, beginning with the inability of natural causes and explanations. Also because the dead cannot haunt. And because the paranormal is supernatural.

Where do I get my information? Science tells me it cannot be natural, based on the principles and characteristics of natural phenomena. The testimony of the natural, means it is supernatural, and that tells me it must be God. The modern lack of understanding of who God must be, to be God; bears no weight upon His authority, and God tells me it cannot be people.

By definition, God must know everything. From the shape, size, and camber of the wing on a sparrow, based on the air density and body weight of the sparrow, to what you did in the dark by yourself last night. This God has much to say about the subject we call the paranormal, and I have spent the last 6 years at His university. I have also spent valuable time in experiential research based on accounts of people who have battled in spiritual warfare for many decades.

Soon to be released is my book "The Paranormal Hammer" which gives you a much more in-depth look at all of these things. I'm aiming for a June-July release of it and will make sure to post it on here. Also, check out my U-tube channel, "the Paranormal Hammer" for videos and instruction.

Granted, this blog is new, as I am to blogging. I appreciate intelligent feedback, but you better bring your A-game. If you want to dispute something-in a professional and courteous manner- you better bring some hard research and facts, because I will. Don't show up with a "I think it's this or that." and no time or research as to why.

Thank you, from Dweller in the Cellar, where the motto is, "You have questions, we find answers"

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