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Updated: Mar 26, 2022

One of my favorite movies is "The Outlaw Jose Wales". It is filled with one liners and bad acting, but there is one scene relevant here. The carpet bagger is selling his magic elixir, and Chief Dan George walks up. The carpet bagger sees an easy target and after confirming the Chief is an Indian, tells him "it's the perfect thing for those who can't handle their liquor"

Well Dan does the right thing and asks him "what's in it?" To which the carpet bagger gets disheveled and says "various things.. I don't know... I'm just the salesman." Then Chief Dan George says "You drink it."

What if we took the time to find out what's in the water we've been drinking? I'm not talking about H2O, I'm talking about evolution. Evolution is at odds with the paranormal. But it is the water we've been given to drink our whole lives, including me. If we have evidence of the paranormal, how can we reconcile the two? Evolution says everything came about by natural causes, but the paranormal is supernatural. Even people who say the paranormal is supernatural, believe evolution has been proven beyond any doubt... but why?

The most common answer, and probably the one you're thinking now is "science". But what kind of science? Is it the testable and observable science used to treat diseases? Is it the testable and observable science used to go to space? Or is it the "take my word for it, there has to be a holy grail: a missing link". The few missing links that were proven frauds, are still being taught today! Is this testable and observable science that claims animals can do things we've never seen them do? Is this testable and observable science that claims the information, and complex mechanisms in a single cell of our body happened by accident? What part of your high tech phone evolved first? The number? The screen? The battery? And yet the complexity of your phone compared to a cell; is like comparing a drawing of a stick figure to the Sistine Chapel. Are we getting the "I'm just the salesman" speech?

Whenever I'm visiting with evolution believers, I always get the same answer, "it's science" but when I ask "For instance?", I get answered with anger and insults. Why is that? Don't these people know the science behind it? I'm asking for clarification as to why they believe, what they believe, I'm not attacking them, but before you put a bottle filled with urine colored liquid to your lips, you might want to know for sure it's not urine. It's the same thing if you have a soul, because as with the urine, death is the sip: it's all over but for the gagging and the puking. So are you taking the salesman's word or are you going to find out what's in it?

People say the Bible isn't true. Okay, Why? What about the bible is false? Creation? Judgment? Jesus? Angels? Demons? Satan? Death? Life? Our involvement in the paranormal means we need to find these things out. If we say spirits are energy, why do we say that? What evidence do we have to propose that to our clients as an answer? "The spirit drained a battery so it could have the energy to manifest" We know what electricity does, and this is not Frankenstein, it doesn't animate anything. Is it like a AED for the undead? A pacemaker? A Pac-Man power pill? Do you need voltage to wake up in the morning? It might help for getting out of bed though.

What about bodily appearances and disappearances? What about physical and sexual assault by unseen creatures? What about moving objects? What about foul smells and body fluids or excrement?

What about stigmata? Oh... well that's demonic.

Amen brother!!! now you're getting it. Demons are supernatural, or figments of our imagination, because they are not natural. Here we are, back at the start, if the supernatural exists, that means God. While evolution cries "SCIENCE!" it's time to start backing it up, and it can start with the supernatural demon.

I will put the evidence and science that testifies to creation, and the Biblical account head to head with anything evolution can come up with, and if it's something you may never have considered, it is time to take a look. A good place to start might be a DVD called "Evolution's Achilles Heel". It has 16 scientists who delve into REAL science, and serious problems with the evolution theory.

I also encourage you to get my book "The Paranormal Hammer; Clear answers in the Murky Realm" scheduled for release , around March 2022. It goes in depth into life, death, and what the paranormal is. Don't tread the hamster wheel with the "energy" nonsense and everything else the paranormal isn't. This is an in-depth study on what the ultimate Authority has to say about it, and believe me, there's plenty. But don't take my word for it, read the Bible, and see if it's true.

For more videos and the paranormal investigation course beginning on You-Tube, click the button "The Paranormal Hammer" on the home page. Thank you and see you soon!

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