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Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Science vs Paranormal

There's something to be said for bad singing! As I'm singing Amazing Grace, I hit a sour note; keep your eyes on the lower left of the window in the back room. Tell me what you see by going to the contact page and sending me an email! As far as the technical side of it: we had this camera on for 3 hours and never had a reflection in the lens, nor did we have any light transmission to the basement from outside. The light coming in from the left is an IR cctv camera, while this camera is a full spectrum. It has a full spectrum flood light, which has fresh batteries, because the fresh batteries that were in it were drained 40 minutes into the investigation. 5 minutes after this appears in the backroom, my assistant, a resident of the home, chases it off. (video courtesy of Dweller in the Cellar)

How effective is natural science when it is pitted against the supernatural? Clint Eastwood said, in Dirty Harry, "A man's got to know his limitations." Well, so does science. While we have all kinds of new technology for demonic detection, we still have not a shred of technological science for explaining it. With all the brilliant minds working on the problem, what seems to be the hold up?

Science, the paranormal, automotive wiring, and the medical field; to name a few, all involve investigation; and all are equally frustrating when the evidence doesn't support the hypothesis. 100 percent of the time this frustration results from not accepting what the evidence tells us. I have yet to read a paranormal investigator's website or account that can say with a certainty, "This is what this is, and this is why it's here." And why? Because they know as well as everyone else, they have no idea what the paranormal really is, and to be safe they throw out the same lame-- evidence not supported--mumbo jumbo others are saying so they won't stand out in a crowd or lose their "credibility" when the ship goes down.

We must test what we believe. If we believe the paranormal is energy; what natural characteristic of energy does it demonstrate in a repeatable manner; or in any manner? If we believe the paranormal is space aliens; what aspect of the paranormal would we expect it to share, with a highly intelligent and devoted space traveler; who came not from our solar system, but from millions of light years away,(remember, a light year is how far light would travel in a year, and then it would take millions of years to get here so they could make things move and scare people...). If we say spirits--that's a 15 yard penalty for supernatural conduct--or spiritual energy--that's another 15 yards...

What about sub-terrain creatures? Have we any evidence these would not be the same creatures we see in our paranormal encounters and investigations? Although Ghostbusters did a fine job of it, who has ever detained a paranormal entity? Why not? Who are we getting our information from? If the source of our information doesn't have any answers for these questions, what makes you think it has any other answers?

Dweller in the Cellar is a Biblical investigation service. It didn't start out that way, but that's where the evidence leads. Not once, not twice; but every time. The Bible is the most misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misused object on the planet. But it is also the most powerful, most captivating, most fracturing, most divisive, and most true object on the planet. If the Bible contained the god many preachers are preaching today, it would be worthless, and wouldn't carry an ounce of weight in the paranormal subject or any other. But thankfully, it reveals Thee God.

If you're reading this, there's more than a good chance you don't know God or the Bible, but you still want to know the truth. I have written a book just for you, because it grieved my spirit to listen to the nonsense in the paranormal. It's called "The Paranormal Hammer; Clear Answers in the Murky Realm", and I'm hoping for a March 2022 release. This book details the Biblical testimony, and explains exactly what the paranormal is, and why it is. It details death and exactly what happens after, along with the reason for it. Be sure to look for it, and I will post it on the website when it's available. It's finished, now just waiting on the process. Check out the YouTube channel The Paranormal Hammer, for more videos, and also I'm excited about beginning an in-depth investigative tutorial going through the investigation from A-Z. See you next time!

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