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Updated: Mar 26, 2022

The Triggers

(Video courtesy of Dweller in the Cellar Paranormal Investigation)s,,

What makes a ghost appear? How is this question related to the supernatural evidence for the paranormal? And how does supernatural evidence for the paranormal point to the Bible?

In the video above, I hit a very sour note. It gets a reaction from me every time I hear it, but it also seemed to get a reaction from something else. In the upper center of the doorway is a window, and when I hit that sour note, there is an apparition that appears at the lower left corner. The following segment is about 5 minutes later, and you see this thing streak out in front of the young assistant.

So is it bad singing that makes an apparition appear, or something else? If these apparitions are a natural phenomena, bad singing should have no affect on them whatsoever. And it should certainly have no affect if my assistant is moving toward it. But we can see that this orb/creature, moves out at a high rate of speed.

The characteristics of the paranormal do not match up with the characteristics of any natural phenomena, and therefore the natural explanation of these is not highly doubtful; but ignorantly wanting, experientially lacking, and scientifically impossible. But what are the characteristics of the paranormal? From audio and video evidence collected around the globe, by thousands of investigators, and millions of cameras, we find many common traits.

Intelligence: We're not talking interstellar traveler, but one track mind ability to communicate.

Invisible: Having the ability to affect the physical world, without manifesting.

Solid manifestation: The ability to look like a real, living person.

Evil: Creating doubt, startling, fear, pain, hate, and much more.

Zero repeatability: There is no such thing as a manifestation on command. Meaning doing the same thing to promote an appearance.

Mass: The disturbance of electromagnetic equipment which detects voids and are triggered when the void is filled by something possessing an energy.

Partial manifestation: Only a portion of an entity appears.

And while we see these things as clearly as our own face, why are they denied to proclaim a natural occurrence? Because we have ZERO sources to study the supernatural apart from the Bible! Instead many legends and myths are thrown on the table and pieces are shoved together that don't fit or even have the same color. The supernatural is readily, easily and seamlessly explained in the Word of God. The Word of God tells us about our enemy, Satan, and that he is not alone. While many heads are spinning now at the mention of Satan, who do you think it is that's haunting people; based on the characteristics we just examined???

The Biblical demon is supernatural. It is a living creature and an individual. It is evil. It has all the powers that angels possess, only they are held in restraint. They are the direct servants of Satan, and the culprit of all paranormal activity related to hauntings. Understanding the biblical demon, it's motives, and it's power, gives ready answers to paranormal questions. Understanding their leader, Satan, gives ready answers to their motivation.

What can we learn about the Bible from the paranormal? We learn that we can trust it. And if we can trust it, in such a deceptive field as the paranormal can be, can we not trust it in everything else? The paranormal makes perfect sense, in light of the Bible; as does life, death, suffering, the planet and all that is in it, who we are what we are and why we're here. The Bible is a big book and I encourage you to pick one up. But if you are unsure, you may check out my book, "The Paranormal Hammer; Clear Answers in the Murky Realm". It is due to be released around March 2022. I'll be sure to post it on the website when it's available. In my book, I cover the paranormal from A-Z, and you will learn much about the Bible in the process. It covers in detail, life, death, angels, demons and Satan. It also introduces you to the Living God, because unless we know some things about Him, we cannot understand the paranormal. For more videos and the upcoming investigation tutorial, check out the "Paranormal Hammer" on YouTube. Until later....

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