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Updated: Mar 26, 2022

There is something about the world we see that captivates us. Too often we are encrusted in our lives to take notice of the magnificence around us. Many of us live where we never see anything like this majestic sunset. But are the things we see, the only things that are majestic?

For instance, we don't see the photosynthesis in plants, but the power involved would put any nuclear plant to shame. We don't see the construction of proteins in our cells, but there is not a civilization or human project that can match the speed, or precision, or scale of the activity; not to mention the productivity. We do not see the constant regeneration of cells in our body, but without it we would be reduced to a dust pile in a week! We do not see the magnetic field around our planet that deflects harmful rays from the sun, that our planet may have wonderful climate and gentle seasons; and yes: life as we know it.

There are so many things we can't see, that affect our everyday lives: things we take for granted and may not even know they are there. The activity of the paranormal is one of these things. But what is it all about? Is the object and mission of the paranormal entity to make a noise? Move a chair? Leave us wondering if we saw what we saw?

Our scientific understanding of the paranormal is: we don't understand it. This is because of the limiting factors in science when dealing with the living. Let's try to give some understanding of this. What scientific explanation is there for you wanting a parfait?

You didn't want one a second ago, but once you remembered how delicious it is with the combination of ice cream, strawberries, whipped cream and nuts, you decided you wanted one. Why must you now have the parfait? Why not sardines in mustard? Why not a salad? Why are you even hungry now when you weren't a minute ago and now the parfait is the only thing that will satisfy?

Why do you sleep on the side of the bed you do? Why is blue your favorite color; wouldn't yellow work? What on earth made you name your dog what you did, but the cat is the cat? Why: scientifically, do you like a certain brand of mayonnaise? Scientifically; why do we hate to get up for work, and love to go home?

The fact is we don't have any scientific explanations for these things. What about the sociological argument? That all these things are brought about by certain triggers and these are conditioned responses, which are strictly a result of a chemical reaction in the brain. What do you think about that? While you are processing that, what is a thought anyway, and where does it come from?

Science cannot explain so many things about us, and since it can't; I don't need to worship it. It cannot explain why we do the things we hate, and don't do the things we love. It can't explain why we are selfish and why we are proud. It can't explain why we love, and why we don't. Science is like a shovel: a tool to dig into things, not the answer.

So as we know the reason for photosynthesis, and the reason for protein production, and the reason for cellular regeneration, and the earth's magnetic field, there is a purpose for the paranormal. Although today's culture considers itself weaned off religious superstition, it has in fact just exchanged the truth for the lie. Faith is faith; whatever it's in, but if we put our faith in where the evidence leads us, that must lead us to the truth. Explain the paranormal. Use all of your knowledge and school learning, along with your video and audio captures. Set expert explanations next to one another and stack them up against what is known about the natural phenomena they claim these to be. Tell everyone what a demon is, what a ghost is, and why its there.

Can't do that? Neither can I: apart from God. Apart from the truth of the Bible there is no understanding, not just of the paranormal, but everything else we can't see: love, hate, sorrow, joy. Apart from the Bible there is no understanding of life, death, or anything. What does the Bible reveal about the paranormal?


If these questions haunt you, if you want to know the truth; I encourage you to get my book, THE PARANORMAL HAMMER; Clear Answers in the Murky Realm. It is an in-depth study of what the world says the paranormal is, and how that measures up to what the evidence says. You're an intelligent person, you decide. But if you want to know what a ghost is, and what the paranormal is about, check out THE PARANORMAL HAMMER. It is due for release around March 2022, but for certain I will post it on this website. Until later....

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