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Updated: Mar 26, 2022


Good pilots don't take much for granted. They also know why the plane does what it does, and what it means when it does something different. I don't fly anymore, but this was my plane. It's the only Piper Arrow II with this paint and that makes it unique. That means it's the only one like it.

What about the evidence in the paranormal, is it unique to each investigation? Can we rely on information given by a voice on an EVP, to explain what is happening in our home or office? What about the videos? Not all hauntings have objects moving; at least that we see. Not every haunting causes physical harm to the occupants, but does every haunting have the same elements?

It is easy to come up with a plane load of questions in the paranormal, but can it be just as easy to come up with the answers? In my new book, "The Paranormal Hammer; Clear Answers in the Murky Realm", we find the answers to these questions. But how? How can I give you answers with the same evidence everyone else has?

We all have the fragmented EVPs. We have the eye witness accounts. We have the video evidence; and that's where our understanding ends. We don't understand the evidence.

Pilots understand the evidence of what makes their plane do certain things, because they have knowledge of the plane. Certain things might indicate a fuel problem, just as certain things might indicate a weight problem (in the plane, not the person). But if I have never flown a plane, or studied flight, or even if I have but don't know anything about my plane; I will more than likely have zero understanding of what the evidence is trying to tell me.

In my book, "The Paranormal Hammer", you will be introduced to what I call, "The Big 5". Not only is "The Big 5" common to all hauntings, it is the key to understanding the evidence we gather in every paranormal investigation. There are a million theories about the paranormal, but any theory that doesn't explain the evidence, is an opinion. If we want the truth, we must find what will stand up to the evidence. We must know what can explain the evidence- not just part of it- but all of it.

In my blog I have claimed the paranormal to be supernatural, but what does that mean? What in the world do we really know, about something we don't know anything about? It's like flying a plane, when we have never even seen one before, and all we know is what we've heard from others, who have never seen one before.

I was hoping for a fall release of "The Paranormal Hammer", but it is looking like March 2022. I'm sorry for the delay, but I'm as new to publishing, as you may be to my plane. My agent, Keith Carroll, is working hard on it, as I have been; that is why I haven't written in the blog for a while. As soon as I get a release date, I will post it on the website.

Keep up to speed with us on YouTube, where I'm hoping to begin the investigative tutorial, and also, like us on Facebook on the Dweller in the Cellar page. Until later....

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