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Updated: Mar 26, 2022

This is Fiona. Pumpkin thief, and second most destructive force on the planet.

What makes Fiona do what she does? It's her nature, and the paranormal has a nature as well.

As I have gone through paranormal sites, I have found many similarities. First; everyone is using scientific methods to do their investigations. This science must mean they have the latest in camera technology, imaging equipment, and EMF metering/monitoring equipment. The investigation part is probably referring to the building history, which includes; legends and deceased people.

Second; they go in with a skeptical attitude. But what is the purpose of this skepticism? Is it to keep from alarming the tenants? Is it to keep from having skeptics and critics disprove their work? Is it a deeper issue? There are several things to consider, but I think almost all paranormal investigators want to: discover the paranormal, help those who are afflicted, and get a thrill.

What are your reasons? I started for the thrill of it. I think most people would admit this if they're being honest. Then we hear more stories about people suffering from paranormal involvement, whether from a haunted location or person, then we move into the help phase. I believe there are a great many, who never get past the thrill of it, and that's why they continue to do abandoned buildings and group tours.

What are we trying to prove in an abandoned prison or hospital, and for whom? What then are we trying to prove for people in their home? Is there a difference? Does the paranormal investigator need to be skeptical of paranormal activity; or knowledgeable in natural phenomena? If we are there to investigate the paranormal, why are we so skeptical of it? Don't we believe what we're shoveling? Maybe we just don't know enough about what it is we do, to say with confidence, this is what it is.

Are there problems with the investigation itself, and what should be the focus of it? If we have our heart set on video evidence, or audio evidence, and we get that, how do we use it? Do we compare it to the names or events we discovered in the building's past? Where then is the truth left?

In the last post, I said the dead cannot haunt. But how can anyone know this for certain, After all, don't mediums talk to the dead? What about the little girl we always see? She must have died here and can't cross over. But here's another jaw breaker- mediums don't talk to the dead.

How can I say this when every other investigator says otherwise? That's because I believe the words of the only Authority over life and death, and that is, the God of the Holy Bible. As we discussed in the last blog post, the paranormal has to be supernatural. But how can we reconcile evolution with the Bible; we can't. One is true and one isn't. I'll stick with the one that can EXPLAIN: life, death, angelic power, and demonic power and influence. I'll stick with the One that doesn't force me to believe that everything we see in it's complexity, precision, beauty, vastness, variety and order; happened by accident like a lab explosion.

Don't argue science, because much of the evolution theory has to ignore scientific testimony. But also, in my business, I have the one thing science cannot explain; the paranormal.

This is how I can say what I say, while so many others say something else. I'm right. The science we use to "scientifically" investigate, is only a means of verification. There is nothing in our scientific arsenal that can explain, not just the presence of paranormal activity, but the purpose of it. We use science to collect data, that data is interpreted to come up with a hypothesis. One aspect of science is repeat-ability, or the ability to recreate circumstance, to validate a hypothesis. This is impossible with the paranormal. This un-repeat-ability, means that all of our science can be used for nothing but a witness account. "I saw this, here's the video."

Skepticism arises when we don't go into a place knowing what to listen for in people's pleas, but are completely misled by misinformation and bad theories. Helping people is a good thing, but if you want to be an investigator, find out what you're dealing with and how to help. Again, my book "The Paranormal Hammer", is set for a June-July release, and it goes into great detail about the things discussed here, including what really happens when we die. You can also check out the You-Tube channel by clicking the button on the front page of this website. Thank you and see you soon!!!

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